Weekend Media Festival

Weekend Media Festival is a well-known event that brings together experts in communications, marketing as well as business. At the Weekend Media Festival, we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce, provide, and gather. New leaders and techniques are introduced. New perspectives on business, solutions to real life problems and information about trends are provided. We gather information from neighboring countries as well as knowledge & ideas from outside sources.

The festival is very educational. It consists of lectures, panel discussions, presentations, promotions of new models and services, strengthening the media, marketing and economic relations, promotion of culture, information flow and maintaining relationships in the region.

Weekend Media Festival is not a competition, but a place to learn about and share our opinions and ideas regarding media.

We include approximately 350 students from Croatia and the rest of the Balkans region each year. These students are guaranteed to gain valuable advice, tips and have the opportunity to connect with leaders in their business sectors.