Vintage Zagreb

Vintage Festival is a unique blend of culture from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, a period rich in great music, fashion, film, art, dance and design.

It is Zagrebs response to a large number of similar festivals recently launched across the whole Europe and aimed to remind people of the best of this interesting period of the mid-twentieth century. Vintage festival  presents a series of artists who cherish the retro culture, visitors can see the exhibition of old cars and engines as well as hand-made bikes from SentiMental Bikes. We have also organized  sales of old vinyl records. All interested visitors can participate in dance workshops, led by a renowned team Back to Swing and attend make-up and hairstyle courses. There are also retro barber shop services whose barbers evoke old Zagreb craft shaving that is, unfortunately, already somewhat forgotten. During the festival there are also fashion shows where Croatian designers present creations inspired by fashion of the 40s, 50s and 60s. For the musical part of the Vintage Festival we have engaged the best local retro bands and DJs including B and the Bops, Swingers, DJ Gogo, DJ Robert Mareković, DJ Bronco and Johnny and his rockin ‘Tunes, visitors can have fun and participate in hula hoop contest, take photos in photo Booth or try a variety of delicacies in the culinary corner and sweeten their teeth with sugar cotton wool. All in all, visitors of Vintage Festival will find a rich program and various curiosities from the world of vintage culture that will delight, not only retro lovers, but also those who, will particularly after the festival, become one.


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